An education in the king of liberal arts, philosophy, breeds a complicated individual. Despite this, ZÄBERZAHN aka Kyle Schrader appreciates the complexity of simplicity. His dark, gritty, nuanced, minimalist style makes even uptempo pan flutes ring off melancholic. Indeed, this genre bending sound invokes the entire spectrum of emotions one might get from looking at a Francisco Goya painting. Kyle cites a cornucopia of influences for the ZÄBERZAHN project ranging from Kanye West, Gesaffelstein, Skrillex, JOYRYDE, Diplo, Daft Punk, Brodinski, deadmau5, Chief Keef, the Atlanta trap scene, Jay-Z, Linkin Park, Johann Christian Bach, and Nirvana.

After leaving the ivory tower, Kyle entered public accounting and started DJing in 2017 as an alternative to sleep during tax season, putting out sets for his fans on MixCloud. Continuing to search for a creative outlet, he started laying down tracks in Ableton in the fall of that year, reminiscent of his childhood days playing the bass guitar. The Canadian musician has since released his debut EP ‘Megafauna Tea Party’ in January 2018 and has amassed 300,000+ streams on Youtube and Soundcloud.


Please contact me at kylewrschrader@gmail.com.