Underpinned by arpeggiated hi-hats, heavy synths, haunting strings, and an omnipresent tiger roar, ZÄBERZAHN’s genre bending sound invokes the entire spectrum of emotions one might get from looking at a Francisco Goya painting – except with more dancing. This dark, industrial, orchestral style comes from a cornucopia of influences ranging from Kanye West, Gesaffelstein, JOYRYDE, DJ Toomp, Brodinski, Johann Sebastian Bach, deadmau5, and Nirvana.

Educated as a philosopher and living the corporate life as an accountant, the renaissance man behind the ZÄBERZAHN moniker’s ambition, curiosity, and creativity assisted his dive into the world of DJing and electronic music production. Constantly seeking new ways to challenge himself, the Canadian born student of Plato started DJing during 2017 as an alternative to sleep during tax season, putting out sets for his fans on MixCloud. Once autumn came, he started laying down tracks in Ableton and creating wub noises with Serum, reminiscent of his childhood days playing the bass guitar. His music quickly started to appear at the top of the charts on remix contests hosted by major dance label Spinnin’ Records. Following up on the 100,000+ sets of ears these remixes caught the attention of, he released his debut EP ‘Megafauna Tea Party’ independently on all major streaming and download services in January 2018.


Please contact me at kylewrschrader@gmail.com.