ZÄBERZAHN, born Kyle Schräder, is a Canadian DJ, producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter. His genre bending sound draws from a cornucopia of influences, including hip hop, house, electronic, grunge, and industrial. This dark, gritty, nuanced, minimalist style makes even uptempo beats ring off melancholic and invokes the entire spectrum of emotions one might get from a a Francisco Goya painting.

Raised in tiny fishing village in rural Nova Scotia, he developed a strong work ethic and curiosity about the world. It was that drive that lead him to dual Bachelor degrees with majors in Philosophy and Accounting and a career with a leading global professional services firms. It also lead him to discover music as a creative outlet and way to continue philosophy without returning to the ivory tower.

ZÄBERZAHN output in 2018 has amassed 400,000+ streams on Youtube, Soundcloud, and other streaming platforms. He capped off the summer with the highly experimental EP, The Flies.


Please contact me at kylewrschrader@gmail.com.